Cleaning Services

Cleveland-Area Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Whether you’ve got tile floors, kitchen backsplashes, or bathroom tile, the grout between tiles can get pretty grimy. Tile grout gets dirty in many different ways. In the bathroom, it is usually mold or mildew causing the grout stains. In the kitchen it could be a combination of food stains, general household traffic and grime, and mildew. No matter what is the cause of the staining it takes away from the appearance and that “clean” feeling you get after you have cleaned your floors. Let us professionally clean your tile and grout with a powerful and safe cleaning method. We scrub surface with tile and grout cleaning solution and rinse it with a high-pressure hot water vacuum system. Orion Cleaning Solutions restore clean and shine to all your ceramic tile and grout surfaces. In addition, we recommend applying a sealer that will protect your grout against spills and stains and keep it clean between professional cleanings.