Top 3 carpet cleaning solutions

Cleaning rugs and carpets is one of the most difficult things to do when it’s time for cleaning, especially if they’re very stained or you worry to beat them gently outdoors, because of the clouds of dust and dirt.

The atmosphere becomes even dirtier if you don’t pay attention to the regular cleaning of the carpets in your home, even when it comes to the smallest ones, or if you have pets, small kids or maybe if you let your guests to stroll around with shoes on. Nevertheless, there is no need to struggle – with the 5 fast carpet cleaning solution mentioned below, you can take full advantage of a fast and easy treatment of your rugs and carpets, as well as preservation and easy freshen their outlook on a regular basis.

First, carpet cleaning at home without asking a cleaning company for help, is a little bit of an adventure itself. You should be familiar with the myriad of cleaning solutions in the market and the conditions of their applications, as well as these of your carpets. So, check the labels on the backings of your carpets and rugs even before buying them. Therefore, you can easily take a pick of the right detergent solutions and tools. A universal detergent is usually the best and easiest choice for a casual cleaning like monthly or once in a couple of months. Another great idea is to make your own homemade cleaning solutions only with the detergents, which are already in your home like dish-washing detergent, shampoo, soapy water and baking soda. Mix a small amount of them in a bowl with hot water, stir well and apply the solution onto the heavily stained areas of the carpets. After a few minutes of soaking up, scrub the stains clockwise, anticlockwise and in different directions until it forms a paste of dislodged dirt, and then just clean it.

Second, there is nothing to compare with the professional cleaning services of a cleaning company when it comes to very heavy stains and blemishes on the carpets. The older carpets and rugs become dirty even easier and for a shorter time after cleaning, especially the areas, which see the heaviest foot traffic like around the table, in front the sofas, the chairs, etc. Search for a cleaning company in your region, which offers deep cleaning solutions for carpets and rugs, and make a call to fix a date for the cleaning. The professional cleaners have big professional deep cleaning machines for different methods of extraction, as well as know which is the perfect cleaning solution or detergent to treat the exact carpet.

Third, the fastest way to clean your carpets is actually not to let them getting dirt. This means a careful and casual cleaning like once in every few days or every day, as well as application of few tips and solutions to make them longer lasting. For example, prevent your rugs and carpets for direct sunlight, especially when it comes to homemade rugs and carpets, or if they are with very bright colors, or with long fibers. Another great solution to make them longer lasting is to apply a protective spray right after the big cleaning in the spring and, of course – don’t let your guests and friends to walk with shoes on the carpets.

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